Building life cycle solutions

Well functioning indoor environment is a source of wellbeing, health and productivity. It is also a source of energy efficient and sustainable life cycle performance. Halton services help to verify the indoor environment conditions in the design phase as well as to manage indoor environment during the use of the building.

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Indoor environment testing

Comfort and life cycle performance targets are set in the pre-design and design phases. Halton supports the performance target setting and evaluates alternative indoor climate solutions. The system evaluations and indoor climate verifications are in world-class laboratory environment with a real-scale tests or with computer simulations.

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Typical client challenges:

> The design team has set performance and life cycle targets. How to make sure that the targets are met when the building is in use?
> There are several HVAC system options; which of the systems meet the target values in the most energy efficient way?
> The building is unique and/ or has unique materials, how make sure that the indoor environment is fully functional?    


Installation and commissioning

Halton products are typically installed by HVAC contractors. In some of the system products we also offer installation if needed. Kitchen ventilation systems are a good example of  Halton's turn-key solutions.

Information about installation and commissioning services can be found from individual product pages.

Typical client challenges:

> How to make sure that a system that requires special expertise and training is fully functional?

Indoor environmental management

Halton offers user-focused indoor environmental management and development services as a pioneer. In practice. Halton analyses and solves specific indoor environmental problems in existing buildings and verifies indoor environmental conditions and user satisfaction in new buildings.

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Typical client challenges:

> In a new building clients are not satisfied with the conditions and / or conditions do not comply with the performance targets?
> Employees are often sick due to poor indoor environment,  what can be done to improve the environment?
> There are indoor environment problems and users are complaining. Experts have checked the building but the situation hasn't improved. How to solve the problems fully?  
> How to improve customer satisfaction and maximise cash flow from a building? 
> Building's running costs are high. How to decrease the costs without decreasing the indoor environmental quality?


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