Halton Air Filtration

Halton offers a comprehensive selection of air filtration products and solutions suitable for various applications ranging from offices to industry, health care facilities and homes.

Halton products are a safe choice; our operations are ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmentally certified. In addition, as one of a few manufacturers in Europe, Halton’s fine filters are Eurovent certified. As all our other products, Halton air filters offer comfortable and safe indoor environment energy efficiently.
In the following, you can find a brief introduction of our most important product groups. More products with more detailed product information can be found in out product catalogue (link on the right). In the catalogue, you may also find a lot of general information about air filtration.

Filter media

 kuva Filter media is available in both glass fibre and synthetic material. Coarse filter media is used for example in paint shops or wood and metal workshops to filter small particles from the air. The glass fibre mat can also be used as a preliminary filter.

Coarse filters
 kuva Coarse filters eliminate the largest impurity particles in the air, such as sand dust and pollen.

Fine filters
 kuva Fine filters remove bacteria and small impurities effectively from the air. These filters can remove a majority of, for example, particle emissions from traffic or energy production.

EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters
 kuva HEPA filters can be used to remove almost 100% of particulate impurities from the air. They can be used, for example, in hospitals and industry clean rooms.

Chemical filters
 kuva Chemical filters are used for removing gaseous impurities from the air. This kind of filtration can be necessary, when unpleasant odours or environmentally harmful gases are to be eliminated.
Halton - Product Catalogue of Air Filtration 2013


You can view the product catalogue by clicking the following link. You can easily find the product you are looking for by using the navigation menu on the down left corner.

> http://www.halton.fi/ip/hca2013_11e/index.html

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