Central vacuum cleaning and information security solutions

Central vacuum cleaning solutions

Halton Central vacuum cleaning solutions have been designed for professional use. They enable simultaneous vacuum cleaning in several places. Halton offers solutions for dust removal during both the construction stage and actual use of the building.

Fields of application:

  • Hotels
  • Service flats for older people
  • Day-care facilities
  • Libraries
  • Passenger ships and cargo vessels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Trains
  • Airports
  • Passenger terminals

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Vacuum shredder systems for data security

A vacuum shredder conveys shredded paper through pipes to a central unit, which might be, for example, a wastepaper receptacle or skip container / trash compactor / baler.

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  • Health benefits: Removal of microscopic dust particles, which are detrimental to the health (exhaust air is filtered and directed out) 
  • Improved hygiene: efficient dust removal 
  • Unnoticeable operation: quiet and odour-free use. Possibility of daytime cleaning of offices without disturbance to office operations. 
  • Reduced cleaning costs: increased vacuum cleaning efficiency and up to 50% faster cleaning in comparison to traditional vacuum cleaners. Daytime cleaning at less expense than evening/night cleaning. 
  • Savings on ventilation costs: purified room air, reducing the need to clean ventilation ducts and extending filter life 
  • An ecological option: devices that last the building’s entire life and have a low cost of operation. Ability to use the system for cleaning also during the construction stage. 
  • Savings in production: help with keeping production facilities clean, ensuring fast and easy cleaning of machines and equipment and removing impurities from processes

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