Halton chilled beams

chilled beams

Halton’s broad range of chilled beam products offers solutions from active and passive chilled beams to service beams. Halton chilled beams are designed to provide advanced comfort, flexibility and competitive life cycle costs.

Adaptable active chilled beams

Adaptable active chilled beams designed according to the Halton AdaptableClimate concept allow easy and cost efficient layout changes without interruption to the space usage. The system allows easy changes from an office into a meeting room and from an open plan office into office rooms. While ensuring good working conditions and reducing churn costs to a fraction compared to the traditional systems.

Adaptable active chilled beams allow users to determine the position of meeting and office rooms in a constant pressure ductwork without limitations. With a broad operation range, the air velocity, cooling and outdoor airflow rate provided by the chilled beams are simply adjusted to meet the requirements of the new layout. > Read more

Active chilled beams

Halton chilled beam system offers unique comfort and flexibility, efficient use of space and economical life cycle. The system combines ventilation, cooling, heating and other building services especially for spaces where high-quality conditions and individual space control are important. Typically active chilled beams are used in n offices, health care facilities and hotels both in new and renovation projects.  > Read more

Multi-service chilled beams

Chilled beam installations typically include ventilation, cooling and heating next to the equipment for other ceiling based services. The multi-service service beam concept proposes an all-in-one solution for all ceiling-mounted accessories. The multi-service beam concept is suitable for both suspended ceiling and exposed installations. The product's appearance can be tailored to suit the interior. > Read more

Swirl comfort units

Halton Swirl comfort unit solution is especially designed for low energy buildings, where internal loads are moderate and external loads are limited using efficient solar shading. The main benefit compared to an traditional active chilled beam solution is a radial 360º swirl air diffusion. Due to the swirl effect the mixing between supply air and room air ia extremely efficient, and the air jet warms up to room temperature as quick as possible. Swirl comfort unit is installed within suspended ceiling. > Read more

Passive chilled beams

Passive beams are often used with underfloor supply or with displacement ventilation to provide additional cooling. Or passive beams can be positioned near a glazed facade or windows to offset solar loads in the perimeter zone. Positioning of the passive beams is flexible, and the units can be placed within a suspended ceiling, above a grid ceiling or fully exposed. This makes the units very suitable for renovation sites. Typical applications are office rooms, meeting areas and retail stores. > Read more

Halton participates in the Eurovent Certification Programme for Chilled Beams. The certified data of certified models are listed in the Eurovent web site, http://www.eurovent-certification.com/.

Download certification here


 Design and balancing guidance

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