Enabling wellbeing in the cruise and ferry segment

Halton Marine is the world's leading marine HVAC supplier for the most recognised cruise ships in the world, offering business-enhancing solutions for comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe indoor environments.

Halton Marine‘s key expertise in this field

  • Fire safety on board: Safety is the most important factor on board ships. Halton Marine offers a wide range of fire dampers that can prevent a fire’s progression within ventilation ductwork.
  • Energy-efficiency in cabins: Halton offers a complete cabin ventilation solution that can be connected to a network. Our advanced energy-efficiency solutions can save up to 35% on cabin energy consumption.  
  • Energy-efficiency in galleys: With up to 64% lower exhaust air-flow rates, the combination of Capture Jet™ and M.A.R.V.E.L. (demand-controlled ventilation) technologies represents the greatest energy savings potential for galleys today.
  • Hygiene in galleys: Laboratory tests and real-life conditions show proven results: using Halton Marine galley water wash hoods with UV-light technology is the most effective choice for grease filtration and achieving ultra-clean ducts. Clean ductwork improves fire safety and reduces the need for expensive cleaning of the ducts.
  • High-efficiency droplet separators: Halton Marine droplet separators are used in a wide range of applications where differences in wind speed and direction, levels of turbulence, rate and droplet size, distribution of rainfall, and surface water flow from the surrounding structure must be considered.

Energy-efficient solutions in cabin and galley ventilation provide substantial savings for owners.

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Typical project areas 
  • Cruise ships 
  • Ferries
  • Yachts
  • RORO and cargo ships 
  • Various types of vessels
Typical customers
  • Turnkey suppliers for galleys
  • Air-conditioning system suppliers
  • Yards
  • Queen Mary 2
  • MSC Fantasia
  • Sevan Voyager


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