Halton diffusers and terminal Units

Diffusers and Terminal Units

Halton's diffuser range offers products to mixing ventilation systems in various spaces from commercial buildings to industrial applications. Products are available for ceiling, floor and wall mounting. Plenum category covers diffuser and grille plenums that ensure the proper function of the terminal unit. Products are opening and cleanable, promoting hygienic environment.

Perforated diffusers

Perforated diffuser range that covers also active supply units, can be applied to a variety of public areas to provide comfortable conditions. (DTR, THB, THD, VHB, VHD) > Read more

Modular Air Diffusers

The modular construction of the diffusers offers multiple solutions in one core product which fit wide operating ranges, is suitable for the most common ceiling types, and provide five interchangeable front panel designs for changing visual and functional needs. (DCS) > Read more

Jet and multi-nozzle diffusers

Jet nozzle diffusers are especially suitable for large enclosures. The range also includes multi-nozzle diffusers for general use. (APL, APS, DKR, DKS, IAO, TRS) > Read more

Conical diffusers

Conical diffusers are general diffusers with a variety of applications ranging from small to big spaces. (CAR, DAC, DDA, DFA, DFB, TCE, TCM, THL, TRB) > Read more

Swirl diffusers

Swirl diffusers provide efficiency for spaces with high ventilation and air flow rates. Typically the units are used in public areas of different size. (TSA, TSB, TSR, TSS) > Read more

Linear slot diffusers

Linear slot diffusers suit both wall and ceiling installations in various applications. Adjustable throw pattern gives additional flexibility of orientation with different configurations. (SLL, SLM, SLN) > Read more

Wall diffusers

Wall diffusers are installed in the vicinity of the ceiling. The product range includes units with flexible connections. (TLB, TLD) > Read more

Terminal units

Terminal units integrate balancing plenum and diffusers. The units are suitable for exposed installation and are available as rectangular and circular shape. (DRV, TBV, TCV) > Read more

Floor diffusers

Floor units create comfortable conditions and excellent acoustics for auditoriums and concert halls. (BCF, JRF, TRC, TRF) > Read more

 Design and balancing guidance 

> Air diffusion design guide 

> Testing and balancing guide 07/2013


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