Halton fire and smoke dampers

Fire and smoke dampers

Halton ventilation fire safety systems include fire dampers, smoke and smoke evacuation dampers and fire valves. The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) is in charge of the fire dampers’ quality control. In addition, all Halton fire dampers are tested prior to their delivery to customers.

Fire and smoke dampers, EN approval

Fire and smoke dampers type-approved and compliant with the EN 1366-2 and EN 13501-3 standards. (FDC, FDE, FDI, FDR, FDS, FDT, SDE, SDI, SDS) > Read more

Smoke evacuation dampers

Smoke evacuation dampers based on the type-approved fire dampers. (EDE, EDS) > Read more

Fire valves

Fire valve is a combined exhaust valve and fire damper with adjustable pressure loss for circular ducts. (FDV) > Read more

Management system

Halton MSH fire damper management system enables timed testing for fire dampers and their control in case of fire. (MSH) > Read more

 System documentation

> Fire safety product category brochure


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