Halton grilles


Halton product range contains a large variaty of grilles for various applications and all installation cases. Products are openable and cleanable, promoting hygienic environment.

Universal grilles

Grilles for variety of applications. (ALE, ALU, ASC, AWE, AWU, GDD, WDD, WSD, WTS) > Read more

Floor grilles

Aluminium grilles with fixed vanes for wall installation. Available also with 15° angle deflection. (FLE, FLU, GSP) > Read more

Exhaust grilles

Grilles with large free area. Available also with filter. Models with sizes adapted to suit modular 600 x 600 mm suspended ceilings. (AGC, AGF, AHD, AHF, EVA, HDF)  > Read more

Transfer grilles

Grilles for partition wall and door installations with adjustable casing depth. (TVA, TVB, TVC) > Read more


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