Superior filtration
Superior filtration technology with lower operation costs is a combination of mechanical filtration and UV-light technology. At Halton, mechanical filtration is based on Halton’s patented KSA multi-cyclone filter. The grease extractor is constructed of multiple cyclones that remove grease from the air stream with the aid of centrifugal force. The UL-classified KSA filter can extract up to 95% of grease particles above 8 microns. Independent laboratory tests prove KSA to be the most efficient mechanical grease filter on the market.

UV-light technology— the most efficient grease filtration technology in the market
Halton’s UV-light technology is the most efficient solution for hoods with medium to high utilization rate, and for cooking processes producing all sizes of grease particles.In the UV-light concept, most of the grease particles are first filtered with mechanical filtration (type KSA). The mesh filter behind the KSA spreads and equalizes the airflow into the hood chamber. The remaining grease is then eliminated with ultraviolet-light technology, resulting in a clean exhaust ductwork.


Picture of a galley duct. The hood does not utilize UV-light technology.

Picture of galley duct. The hood does utilize UV-light technology.

Halton's UV-light technology breaks remaining small grease particles into smaller molecular units. Ozone generated by the UVC lamps reacts with the solid and vaporised greases. The resulting substance will not stick to the ductwork or fans, this helps to reduce a serious fire risk and expensive cleaning of the ducts.

Laboratory tests and real-life conditions have proven results that using Halton Marine water wash hoods and UV-light technology, is the most effective choice for achieving ultra clean ducts. The UV-light technology is an excellent choice not only for hoods in new-builds but also for refurbishments as the equipment does not change it’s outer dimensions.

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