Photo: courtesy of MSC Cruises


Application description

Halton Marine offers a total cabin air-conditioning package including terminal units, with controllers and supply and exhaust products. The package is designed for easy commissioning and maintenance. Terminal units can be installed horizontally in the cabin ceiling or vertically in the corridor buldhead, which offers easy access to the unit without disturbing passengers. Silent, user-friendly and individual technology creates a relaxing athmosphere for different types of cabins by using a modern pressure-independent operation system.


  • Single- and double-duct cabin units with programmable room controllers
  • Piston damper with linear actuator for accurate airflow regulation
  • Low sound levels and low pressure drop
  • Palm hand-held software to read operational values and to set air-conditioning parameters as stand-alone or network installation
  • Cost-efficient commissioning due to plug-and-play technology
  • Advanced pressure-independent operation system
  • Several safety function
  • Solutions for crew cabins, passenger and suites

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