Application description

Stainless steel galley ventilation equipment is chosen according to cooking equipment heat loads and the special requirements of the marine business. Halton galley ventilation improves profitability not only through its low running costs, reduced maintenance and improved hygienic costs, but also by increasing personnel productivity and reducing employee turnover.

  • Wide range of options for different heatloads and applications
  • Automatic galley water wash hoods (USPHS) and gally hoods utilize Halton's patented Capture Jet technology, which reduced energy consumption and is 30% more efficient than conventional exhaust-only hoods
  • KSA filters remove 95% of grease particles that are 8 microns and above
  • Certified fire damper in the water wash hood's exhaust plenum closes automatically in the event of fire
  • Fire risk reduced due to clean ductwork
  • State-of-the-art UV-light technology available for Halton hoods in new-buildings and refurbishments
  • Maintenance times and duct cleaning costs reduced

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