Halton Marine SEAVIEW - HVAC testing and verifying cabins in France

Halton Marine's SEAVIEW  is a complete HVAC installation including two cruise ship / offshore cabins and one corridor that offer unique opportunity for yards, owners, HVAC system suppliers, consulting engineers and designers to test and verify different types of air-conditioning solutions in real-life conditions.
According to Halton Marine knowledge SEAVIEW, that locates conveniently next to the Halton measurement laboratories, is the first complete cabin air-conditioning laboratory built in inside a factory. The facility consists of:

  • Fully automatic monitoring system for energy consumption, comfort and safety by continues measurement 
  • Ethernet and LON communication systems 
  • Air Handling Unit 
  • Innovative filtration system 
  • Insulated ducting with different types of dampers and silencer 
  • Safety equipment for HVAC installation 
  • Innovative diffusion system 
  • Terminal units integrated in different cabin architecture 
  • Balcony doors with high-efficiency and standard glasses 
  • Latest lighting technology and high-quality furniture

The installation provides knowledge and oversight e.g. for:

  • Heat-load management via a suitable choice of insulation, glass illumination, lighting 
  • Selection of different HVAC systems attached to the cabin integration
  • Architecture 
  • Automation & control for better adjustment linked to passenger/user requirements
  • Simple human interface for the passenger on the different services offered on board through Ethernet technology; television, telephone, newspaper, hotel management, reservations for excursions and air-conditioning settings 
  • Smoke evacuation in case of fire alarm

The laboratory has been build not only to test and verify the HVAC but to open discussion and to discover the best ideas that can be implemented now and in the future in HVAC installation aboard. With the measurement devices at the Halton facility it is easy to evaluate the performance (air velocities, temperature, sounds levels etc.) of new ideas and solutions that can be integrated into the world of marine architecture.

Co-operation partners

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