Enabling wellbeing in health-care facilities

Halton provides solutions for various spaces in health-care facilities, as well as indoor environment management solutions. The solutions combine excellent climate, hygienic and safe conditions, and flexibility in operation with sustainable building life. Halton solutions have been installed in a large number of health-care facilities, around the world:

  • Wards: ventilation, cooling, and heating with air-water based chilled beam systems or alternatively with a complete range of all-air systems.
  • Isolation rooms: control and monitoring of pressure conditions as well as HEPA filtration and air diffusion solutions.    
  • Laboratory spaces: the Halton Envirolab system for management of the exhaust and supply air-flow rates, temperature, and operating pressure condition of an entire laboratory. Also, Halton Laboset is available for controlling an individual fume cupboard. 
  • Research and treatment facilities: displacement ventilation solutions, offering good conditions in spaces with high heat sources.
  • Central kitchens: Halton’s High Performance Kitchen concept based on the wider range of ventilated ceilings and canopies combined with a unique set of innovative technologies including the Capture JetTM technology and M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation system.   
  • Offices, meeting rooms, and public spaces: a complete range of air diffusion and air‑flow management solutions, from all-air to air–water systems. Both systems adapt to the occupancy level of the space and offer good conditions energy efficiently. Highly energy-efficient and pleasant displacement ventilation suits high spaces.    

Safety and indoor environment management:

  • Ventilation fire safety and air filtration: systems for fire and smoke safety and for smoke evacuation. Halton also provides a comprehensive range of air filters. 
  • Indoor environment management from the design phase to the building’s use: computer and real scale laboratory indoor climate simulations in the design phase, indoor climate verification after commissioning and indoor climate problem solving in occupied buildings.
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Reference case


Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals
NHS Trust, UK
‘The trust has chilled beams installed in a number of areas, ranging from waiting rooms to ward environments in its Emergency Services Centre. To date, we have been very pleased with the operation of these units both from an environmental control and from a noise point of view. Clearly both of these issues are paramount in achieving a good patient experience. My experience of the operation of the chilled beams is that they are virtually silent in operation and compare well to, if not being better than, more traditional forms of ventilation / air conditioning.’

Kevin Reynolds, Deputy Head of Estates (Operational)

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Other references
  • Sud Francilien General Hospital, France 
  • University College London Hospital, UK
  • Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District- Triangle Hospital, Finland

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