Enabling wellbeing in public buildings

Utilisation rates of public spaces vary considerably. Therefore, demand-based operation of the indoor climate systems is important for ensuring energy-efficiency and good indoor climate conditions. In concert facilities, acoustics play an important role in the selection of the solution. Halton’s solutions include the following:

  • Lobbies and public spaces: highly energy-efficient and pleasant displacement ventilation to suit large spaces. The system is easily tailored in line with the interior design. Also, we offer a wide range of other air diffusion and air-flow management solutions.
  • Conference areas: a complete range of air diffusion and air-flow management solutions with demand-based operation, for energy efficiency and personal comfort.  
  • Auditoriums and concert halls: dedicated systems based on displacement ventilation expertise, for the greatest comfort and the best acoustic properties. Displacement ventilation units can be positioned inside wall structures or under the seats.
Reference case

Helsinki Music Centre, Finland
Excellent acoustics and pleasant and draught-free indoor conditions were the starting point in the design of the indoor climate solutions. Halton created a tailor-made indoor climate solution that supports these selected objectives.


‘A pressurised supply air chamber was built under the concert hall that accommodates an audience of 1,700 people. It distributes the air into the room via a balancing plenum and grille. In addition, displacement ventilation has been utilised as a solution for the stage and orchestra pit. Halton also supplied a chilled beam solution for the ventilation, heating, and cooling of office spaces and artists’ dressing rooms. Co-operation all the way from full-scale testing to installation and commissioning has run smoothly.’

Lasse Lehto, HVAC supervisor of the project, ISS Proko Oy

Other references
  • IKEA, Australia
  • Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia
  • The Black Diamond, Denmark
  • The National Library, Romania

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