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Halton Special Products
Thanks to the wider set of innovative solutions, our unique expertise and a global presence through 6 manufacturing units in the world, Halton offers the best freedom of expression for architectural projects and show kitchens. All special products born in our units to fit special architectural requirements can be equipped with all Halton innovative solutions, including M.A.R.V.E.L., Capture Jet™, Capture Ray™ and/or Water Wash  technologies (Go to Halton technologies).

Halton Special Products Halton Special Canopies and Ceilings


Halton know how and our innovative solutions are adapted to the manufacturing of totally tailor made canopies and ventilated ceilings. Our promise: fitting all architectural and efficiency requirements of the most audacious projects.
Halton Jet Extraction System


The Jet Extraction System is based on the use of aerodynamic nozzles. In association to a tempered safety glass plate, they provide a highly efficient design solution for the front cooking areas. They are also adapted to semi professional kitchens or high quality private kitchens.

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