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Capture Ray™ technology:
Highest safety combined with maintenance savings

Whole Capture Jet™ canopies animation
(combination of Capture Jet™ and Capture Ray™ technologies)

Whole Capture Jet™ ceilings animation
(combination of Capture Jet™ and Capture Ray™ technologies)
• Ductwork cleaning costs are reduced due to the absence of grease deposits.
• Heat recovery feasibility, efficiency and payback time are improved due to lower maintenance needs
• Significantly reduces odours in exhausted air.

The Capture Ray™ technology limits the grease deposits in the canopy and exhaust ductwork and reduces the emission of odours at discharge.

The UV neutralization operates in two simultaneous actions. The Photolysis is the direct effect of the UV-C radiation (light). Photolysis works by photodecomposition which is the chemical breakdown of the grease molecules by photons.

The parallel action to Photolysis is Ozonolysis; This is the oxidation of grease molecules by Ozone that is generated by the lamps. As Ozone is a gas it is carried with the airflow, therefore the oxidation is present in the ductwork as well as the UV chamber.

Capture Jet™ technology (canopies)
Capture Jet™ technology (ventilated ceilings)
Capture Ray™ technology
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Water Wash technology
T.A.B.™ measurement technology
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