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Halton Safety solutions
Safety is most probably the number one priority in professional kitchens, whatever its type and even before the energy efficiency. Consequences of fire or hygiene risks can be enormous and can even lead to a cessation of operations. Halton Foodservice safety specific solutions as well as products design and manufacturing specifications offer 24/7 protection, irrespective of whether or not the kitchen is occupied... giving the restaurant owner peace of mind.

KGS - Duct Safety System

HACCP certification pending
• Monitors the grease deposit levels in all ductwork
• Mitigates hygiene and fire safety concerns
• Allows operator to clean ductwork when required by grease deposit levels, not unnecessarily by schedule
• Adapted to both canopies and ventilated ceilings
• Compatible with new or existing exhaust ductwork
• Optical grease sensing device not affected by ambient light
• Up to 10 grease sensors per system (extendable)
• Operates as a "stand alone" system
• KGS controls belong to Halton Foodservice Control Platform's (FCP)
• Intuitive user interface (Touch Screen as an option)
• Optional signal sent to Building Management System (BMS) via "volt free" contact
• Authorised service agents can connect to system via laptop or PDA
• Grease sensor and reflector assemblies are UL1978 listed. Control panels are ETL listed.

FSS - Ansul® R-102TM fire suppression system for professional kitchens factory-installed

Who better than Halton for Halton's products?
▪ Better integration quality during the products manufacturing phase
▪ Factory integration can be the unique solution for products with UV-C or water wash technologies or for show cooking tailor made products
▪ Reduced installation and commissioning time on site
▪ Globally cost efficient integration
▪ Fully compliant with Halton's products HACCP certification
▪ Design into the system from the outset

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