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Halton Supply Air units
Supplying fresh air inside any kind of kitchen is equally as important as the solutions selected to remove the smoke and heat generated by the cooking appliances. A non adapted supply technology, more than not helping the exhaust products, can reduce considerably their efficiency by dispersing the smoke.

Halton's expertise in supplying low velocity technology to industry and offices has led to the creation of a complete range of products especially adapted to the professional kitchens.

Halton Supply air units
Halton horizontal Laminar Flow units


Used as a standard solution for the ventilated ceilings, the laminar flow horizontal units are also available for canopies. Its association with the Capture Jet™ technology constitutes the most efficient solution in terms of energy efficiency and comfort.

Halton vertical Displacement Units

Vertical displacement units consitute an even more efficient supply solution thanks to the fact than fresh air is blown directly in the occupied zone. It leads to an additional gain of efficiency and comfort compared to horizontal units.

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