There is increasing acceptance that, in future, it is likely that legislation will be put into place requiring any business that takes in fresh air, as part of its processes, to return that air to atmosphere in at least as good a condition as when it was taken in. This requirement will be a real challenge, not least of all for catering establishments in dense urban neighbourhood.

From the 'Borrowed Air' concept to solutions
The flagship products Halton has developed in the field of Air Purification are the UV-C Capture Ray™ technology and the Pollustop Ecology Units.

Capture Ray™ technology
Capture Ray™ technology is already widely in use to eliminate the grease build-up in exhaust ducts and thereby minimize the fire risk. With careful UV selection, it can also be used to minimize the cooking odours at the point of discharge... much appreciated by those others sharing the neighbourhood.

Pollustop Ecology Units
The Pollustop range was conceived to compliment Capture Ray™ UV-C kitchen canopies or ventilated ceilings. It is now widely understood that by increasing the UV lampage to a carefully-selected level, airborne cooking odours can be reduced such that it can negate the need to discharge the vitiated air at high level in the building. Whether the UV lamps are integrated in the Canopies/ventilated ceilings or directly in the Pollustop units themselves, these units are designed to control the odour, smoke and ozone emissions.

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