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At 800 kWh/m² (1), the catering business is the most energy-intensive activity performed in commercial and residential buildings in the United States, far beyond the hospital sector (at 600 kWh/m²). Energy optimization in the field of professional kitchens is therefore a must and needs more and more innovative solutions. The controls associated also have to be more flexible to be able to manage several systems at the same time, in the simplest way as possible. They have to be even more communicative to optimise the maintenance needs as well as displaying the real energy consumptions.

Halton Energy & Controls
Halton Energy optimisation solutions


Halton's energy optimisation range of products gather the 2 main families of solutions actually existing in that field:
- Energy optimisation through airflow management
- Energy optimisation through heat recovery on exhausted air
Halton Control Systems

Halton Foodservice Control Platform is an innovative concept allowing to manage all the High Performance Kitchen solutions with a unique control architecture. Let's discover the most emblematic component of this concept: Halton's TouchScreen.

(1) Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Transforming the Market (WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

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