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Halton Air Purification solutions
There is increasing acceptance that, in the future, it is likely that legislation will be put in place requiring any business that takes in fresh air, as part of its processes, to return that air to atmosphere in at least as good a condition as when it was taken in.

Halton Foodservice develops air purification solutions specifically adapted to professional kitchens, including the ecology units Pollustop and the Capture RayTM UV grease neutralization system.

Halton Ecology Units

Pollustop is a standard range of modules designed to be incorporated into commercial kitchen ventilation
systems where the control of airborne pollutants at the discharge point is a requirement. There are 7 standard units ranging in duty from 0.9 m³/s to 6.3 m³/s.

Halton Inn-built Solutions

In some very specific configurations, it can be difficult to access the exhaust ductwork of a building or to install a dedicated one. When such kind of kitchen is equipped of low duty cooking appliances, it can be equipped with Halton's Kiosk Ventilation System KVS-C. It is important to note that recycling systems can't constitute an as efficient solution as traditional canopies.

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