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Halton range of Canopies

Halton Canopies are suitable for all kitchens: closed, open or of the show cooking type. Installed at a lower height compared to ventilated ceilings, they are closer to the heat and smoke emission source and need lower exhaust airflows to remove them. Canopies are especially adapted to heavy duty appliances with high emission levels.

Halton Foodservice offers a range of wall, island and low level canopies which can include high efficiency patented Capture Jet™ technology.

Halton Canopies

Halton Capture Jet™ canopies


Up to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates compared to traditional canopies. The Capture Jet™ technology can be combined with other exclusive Halton solutions, including M.A.R.V.E.L., Capture Ray™ and/or Water Wash technologies.
Halton Standard canopies

Standard canopies are designed for low duty cooking appliances or for dish washing areas. They require higher exhaust airflow rates compared to the Capture Jet™ canopies.

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