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Challenges of  Chains and QSR
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Labour shortage is a significant challenge that commercial restaurants face today. 
One reason for the low popularity of kitchen workers is the unsatisfactory thermal conditions. Labour costs currently represent 18 % of the cost structure of a QSR. In order to decrease employee rotation, absenteeism and reduce recruitment fees, it is important to improve the working
environment while increasing the productivity of the staff.

In addition, Quick Service Restaurants and Chains are characterized by high heat loads, humidity and a significant amount of grease vapour concentrations due to the type of cooking operations. Odour, emission control and environmental respect are factors that need to be considered as they are mostly situated in dense urban environments. 

Halton recommends the following technologies which match particularly Chains and QSR common requirements.
Halton recommends especially  the following product families which integrate several or all the opposite recommended technologies.

> Capture Jet Canopies

Halton range of Capture Jet canopies includes a backshelf model especially adpated to fryers and grills.

Airflow Management
> M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation system

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Save money and improve staff comfort
Up to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow thanks to the Capture Jet technology

Further energy savings and comfort
Increase the exhaust airflow reduction up to 64% thanks to M.A.R.V.E.L. technology

Savings on cleaning costs and Safety
Prevent grease deposits in the ductwork and reduce odours emissions thanks to the Capture Ray technology

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