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Capture Jet™ technology applied on ventilated ceilings (patented):
Up to 15% reduction in exhaust airflow rates and improved air quality

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• 15% greater efficiency than traditional ceilings
• Increased capture and containment capacity
• Elimination of the risk of cooking vapour re-circulation
• Energy savings with optimal air quality

While the absence of containment screens on a kitchen ventilated ceiling completely releases the volumes, providing unrivalled working comfort, the convective flows are left to their own devices. The combination of the Capture Jet™ technology  and the laminar-flow air supply allows convective flows to rise freely and be removed by the extraction plenum as quickly as possible, without mixing with the fresh air that is brought into the kitchen.

The Capture Jet™ technology consists of two sets of nozzles, one vertical and one horizontal.
- The horizontal nozzles push vapours back towards the extraction plenum.
- The vertical nozzles increase the containment volume and prevent vapours escaping from cooking areas and entering re-circulation with the fresh air.
The combination of these two actions results in 15% reduction in exhaust airflow rates while improving the air quality inside the kitchen.

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