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KGS - Duct Safety System

HACCP certification pending
• Monitors the grease deposit levels in all ductwork
• Mitigates hygiene and fire safety concerns
• Allows operator to clean ductwork when required by grease deposit levels, not unnecessarily by schedule
• Adapted to both canopies and ventilated ceilings
• Compatible with new or existing exhaust ductwork
• Optical grease sensing device not affected by ambient light
• Up to 10 grease sensors per system (extendable)
• Operates as a "stand alone" system
• KGS controls belong to Halton Foodservice Control Platform's (FCP)
• Intuitive user interface (Touch Screen as an option)
• Optional signal sent to Building Management System (BMS) via "volt free" contact
• Authorised service agents can connect to system via laptop or PDA
• Grease sensor and reflector assemblies are UL1978 listed. Control panels are ETL listed.

KGS commercial documentation

Additional technical documentations are available on Halton Foodservice professional website.

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