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Water Wash technology:
The highest hygiene with limited maintenance needs 

Capture Jet™ Ventilated ceiling
equipped with the Water Wash technology

• Reduces the length and cost of the maintenance operations.
• Around 2 years of payback time compared to a "dry" Ventilated Ceiling
• Particularly adapted to large kitchens with long operating hours.
• Automatically controlled daily washing of the FC filters and the exhaust plenums.
• Cleaning of the Ventilated Ceiling is limited to the outer surfaces (recommended twice a year).

The Water Wash technology has been developped to automatically washdown the filters and the exhaust plenums, without the need for removal* of the filters from the exhaust plenums. It can equip Capture Jet™ canopies as well as Capture Jet™ ventilated ceilings.

Each exhaust plenum is fitted with a ramp equipped with spraying nozzles. They are easily removable without any tool, to allow a fast bleeding of the pipework during the commissioning process. The Nozzles located in front of blind filters can be replaced by a cap. The number of nozzles is optimised in order to lower the water consumption.

Each ramp is fitted with a solenoid valve, thus reducing the size of the control cabinet. The exhaust plenums are connected to a collector (installed with a slope) or can be directly connected to a drain to evacuate the water during each washing cycle. The whole pipework is constructed from stainless steel AISI 304.

* It is recommended to clean all filters in a dish washing machine twice a year.

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