A Professional Kitchen is a very challenging and demanding environment. Ventilation plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions and in securing contaminant removal. 

To benefit from a profitable and successful operation, the ventilation system has first to be considered more globally than the simple fact of exhausting and renewing the air of the kitchen space. If only because it systematically interacts with other spaces or systems... the best example of this intereaction being the show kitchen concept. In fact, 4 cornerstones have to be worked all together.
- Energy Efficiency
- Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)
- Safety
- Air Purification.

For a kitchen to reach the status of High Performance Kitchen, it is crucial to combine harmoniously and - of course - at the same time these 4 cornerstones. Every single technology or system developed by Halton is designed to manage one or several of them... allowing us to offer a unique set of solutions combining at the end all of them. These solutions form the Halton High Performance Kitchen (HPK) Concept.


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