In a Loving Memory of Mr. Pierre Boone

An unexpected message reached Halton Marine personnel in the middle of August. Our dear colleague, long term friend and mentor, Mr. Pierre Boone had unexpectedly passed away.

Mr. Pierre Boone was a long term Halton associate. He joined Halton in 1993 as Export Director, and worked for many years as the President of Halton SA in France. For the past several years Pierre worked closely with us at Halton Marine and was highly influencial in building Halton Marine's customer relationships globally. All of those who know Pierre remember his significant impact on Halton over the years.

Pierre was not only a specialist in HVAC but also a fantastic colleague, mentor and role model for many people in life and business.
He always put people in a good mood with his fantastic humour and charisma. He will forever have a big place in our hearts and minds. We all miss him a great deal - his smile and his positive attitude.

Our hearts go to his wonderful family that was the meaning of his life.

A star is gone but will always shine within our hearts.

- Halton Marine team



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